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Do you even need an introduction to the Boss brand? There are so many applications in the world of audio for which Boss has designed amazing products. From entertainment systems, to speakers, to even car radios, this is a brand that seemingly does it all where sound is concerned. Of course, guitar amps could not be left out of the innovations. 

  • ✓ Thanks to the provision of three channels, there is a wide array of sounds that you can achieve
  • ✓ The unit offers a tremendous level of power 
  • ✓ The sound quality provided is crisp and free of static 
  • ✓ The tape delay effect is a huge plus 
  • ✓ Size, weight, and handle make carrying convenience incredible 
  • Though you have the option of using AC power, the cable that you would need for this is not included 
  • There are no accessories that allow for alternative methods of carrying the device

Though this guitar amp is portable, you get a multipurpose feel from it based on its design. It seems to be the midpoint between a portable amp and a standard-sized one. This is because it is designed to suit both applications as efficiently as possible. With the analog gain and turn control circuits included, the sound that you get is nothing short of marvelous. This is what you want as a street performer, as you need to ensure that your appeal to the ears of your audience is as high as possible. 

There are two sources of power that you can use for this guitar amp. The first is standard AA batteries, and this unit requires six of them. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the AC adapter. Note, however, that the power cord that you need is not included, so be prepared to buy one if you are opting to get your hands on this unit. 

Channel variety is always an essential part of deciding how feasible a guitar amp is. This amp has three channels, which are brown, clean, and crunch. With these inclusions, your sound variety is off the charts, as you can switch from the heaviest of metal to the most soothing of tones. Additionally, you can configure your effects with the level and time knobs that form a part of the design. To this end, there is a built-in tape delay, which lends itself to the warm ambiance that you may desire. There is also a traditional analog EQ, for those who wish to take advantage of it. 

For the price, this offering from Boss far exceeds many of the other portable guitar amps in the same class. The Katana Mini is just as travel-ready as smaller mobile units, and its handle makes it super easy to lift and carry. At only 3.3 pounds, it’s almost as if you’re carrying nothing at all. 

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