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If you are a fan of the rustic appearance, then a good pair of wooden headphones are for you. Wood has always played a crucial role in music, be it in concert halls that have inspired us for generations, or from the instruments that breathe life into the fantasy we get lost in when listening to the classics.

We are going to look at some different options today making sure that we cover each different type of headphones so that you can find something for you, ranging from the lower end of your budget, to the most premium offering on the market today. Let us dig right in to the Best Wooden Headphones!

Best Wooden Closed-back Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-W1000Z Audiophile Closed-Back Headphones

  • Frequency Response - 15 - 24,000 Hz and Impedance - 28 ohms
  • cable length: 120
  • connector type: Phone 6.3 mm
  • connectivity technology: Wired
  • included components: Headphones - wired

For those with a higher budget and who are looking for premium quality, look no further than Audio-Technica. Well known worldwide for their audio quality, the W1000Z does not let them down.

Offering fantastic sound isolation, comfort and design, our only complaint is that the cable is not detachable. These headphones are a constant talking point, not that you will hear about it – Their fantastic noise cancellation will keep you blocked out from the rest of the world for hours.

The sound is crystal clear and warm, with fantastic soundstage, arguably more important than many other factors we could discuss about the W1000Z. These headphones are an excellent example of closed back headphones.

Whilst these are definitely on the more expensive end of the spectrum, if you consider yourself an Audiophile then these are the ones for you. We have also written about the Best Budget Audiophile headphones if these are out of your price range.

Meze 99 Classics Walnut Gold Headphones

  • Regarded as the stepping stone into the world of audiophiles, the...
  • EQUIPPED with GENUINE WOODEN EARCUPS, these headphones offer...
  • SELF-ADJUSTING PU Leather HEADBAND that spreads the weight out...
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Hard carrying pouch for better protection,...
  • FULLY SERVICEABLE: No glue, just nuts, and bolts. We guarantee...

Lastly we take a look at the Meze 99 over-ear headphones. These are cheaper than the aforementioned Audio-Technica ATH-W1000Z Audiophile Closed-Back Headphones and are a good middle ground for the Audiophiles that cannot stretch their budget that far.

Previously ranked as one of the top 10 closed-back headphones of all time, these real wooden ear cup headphones are put together using just nuts and bolts, so you never need to worry that glue will come peeling off and your expensive headphones will be ruined.

Coming with a carrying pouch, detachable cable (with mic and remote) and a 6.3mm gold-plated jack, the box is full to the brim with accessories that will enhance your listening experience.

For the environmental conscious of you, these headphones come with absolutely no plastic components, using the best memory foam and wooden technology to give it a truly breath-taking premium finish.

You do not need to worry about sound leaking out for others to hear, either. The fantastic sound quality is for your heads only and the closed-back memory foamed cushion ensure that it does not leak out.

Best Wooden Earbuds

Symphonized NRG Premium Genuine Wood in-Ear Noise-isolating Earbuds Headphones

  • HANDCRAFTED WITH GENUINE WOOD: These earphones produce a crisp...
  • UNIQUE IN-EAR CANAL DESIGN: These noise cancelling in-ear...
  • COMFORT-FIT: Three sizes (S/M/L) of custom silicone ear tips to...
  • EASY TO USE: Answer or end calls, activate Voice Control, skip...
  • COMPATIBILITY: With the stylish design and high-end sound...

These earbuds offer fantastic value for money, coming with a microphone, noise cancellation and strong nylon cable. On-top of this they come with a well-designed carrying pouch, perfect for the times where you need to put them to one side.

Being on the cheap end of the price spectrum, Symphonized are well known for their natural wooden style and are the de-factor brand that their competitors attempt to mimic.

There is room for improvement on the bass level, but if you are self-conscious about ensuring that others around you cannot hear what you are listening to, then these tick all the right boxes. They are a snug fit, ensuring that they will not fall out whilst you are moving around and with the built in microphone you do not need to worry about unplugging your headphones to take that important call.

Reveal Bamboo Wood Bluetooth Headphones

  • Newly Upgraded & Improved Sound Quality & Microphone as of Jan....
  • BLUETOOTH READY - Connect wirelessly to any phone, tablet or...
  • MAGNETIZED FOR OPTIMAL STORAGE & STYLE - These fashion forward...
  • DESIGNED WITH YOUR UNIQUENESS IN MIND - These designer earbuds...
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY- Reveal plants a tree in an endangered...

Next up we have another pair of earbuds, coming again with a microphone built in, Bluetooth and fully magnetized giving it fantastic storage, but also ensuring that your earbuds never get tangled again.

These natural inspired earbuds allow you to take your music wherever you go, giving clean and crisp sound and come in three different sizes (S/M/L) to allow you to find the best fit.

Recharged using a USB cable, this stylist purchase will keep you going for hours.

Reveal also give back to nature with every purchase, through project replant, planting a tree with every item sold, allowing you to give back to nature and help contribute to maintaining the beautiful forests that we are so used to seeing around us at home.

The best wooden headphones

Are Wooden Headphones Worth the Premium


When it comes to Wooden earbuds, there is little to no premium added onto the product when compared to a plastic alterative, so on that basis we say absolutely – yes!


There is a premium added when it comes to buying Wooden Headphones. This can range from tens, or even hundreds of dollars. You need to ask yourself if the extra style point that you will gain, or the reduced environmental impact is worth it for you. In a world where we are becoming increasingly concerned about our ecological footprint, this is a fantastic way to reduce your single-use plastic reliance.

What kind of wood sounds the best in wooden headphones?

Premium Wooden Headphones will always be made using Walnut, which takes a long time to air dry, adding to the more expensive cost. The process of creating just one pair of headphones from Walnut can take as much as 45 days.

Our Pick

Our favourite is the Meze 99 Classics Walnut Gold Headphones. Giving back to the environment with every sale is a fantastic effort to bring us into a carbon-netural world. The headphones are fantastic quality, too!

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