Why are my earbuds so quiet?

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Why are my earbuds so quiet

What’s the cause of my earbuds being too quiet?

There are several reasons why your earbuds might be too quiet, and you need to troubleshoot each to figure out the culprit. We have ordered the troubleshooting steps below from the most likely causes to the least likely. We will help you stop asking “Why are my earbuds so quiet” and solve it with a few simple steps.

The volume on your device is turned down too low

We will start with the most simple solution, as it is surprising how common this issue is. It may be you just haven’t turned up the volume on your device enough. Not all devices are equal, and some have a louder volume than others. It is easy to get used to the volume on one device and forget to turn it upon others. The easiest way to solve this problem is to test your earbuds with another device or a different pair of earbuds. If the other pair of earbuds is noticeably louder than yours, you need to turn the volume up on your device.


Go to your device’s Settings option and tap “Music.” Then tap “EQ” and turn the volume up until you hear the difference.

Why are my earbuds so quiet


Go to your device’s Settings option and tap “Sound.” Then tap the volume button until you hear the difference.

Why are my earbuds so quiet

Windows 10

Tap on the start menu and type “Sound.” Make sure that the Master Volume is not too low.

Why are my earbuds so quiet

The volume on your earbuds is turned down too low

This is similar to the problem above; only it is on your earbuds instead of your device. While this may seem like a silly mistake, it does happen often enough. The earbuds will be set at a very low volume by default or will be turned down accidentally without you noticing it. If you put your earbuds in and can barely hear anything, then try adjusting the volume knob until you can listen to your music comfortably. This may take some trial and error, but it will be loud enough for any situation once you find the right level.

Your earbuds aren’t plugged in all the way (Wired)

Another common problem is that your earbuds are not plugged in all the way. The jack in the earbuds might be bent or not seated properly. This will cause them not to transmit any sound or make it, so the sound is very quiet. If you notice that your earbuds sound fine when you are just plugging them into your device, but as soon as you put them in your ears they go quiet, this is a good indication of a poor connection in the jack. Try wiggling the jack and see if that helps.

Why are my earbuds so quiet

You are having connectivity problems with your earbuds (Wireless / Bluetooth)

Another common reason for quiet earbuds is that there is no connection between your device and the earbuds. If you are having connectivity issues with your device and the earbuds, they will sound very quiet no matter what you do. If you are having problems, try rebooting your device and the earbuds, then try reconnecting. If this doesn’t solve the problem, try testing the connection with another device.

If you find that the connectivity problems go away once you test your earbuds with another device, your device is a problem (the one you are currently using with the earbuds). In this instance, you may need to purchase a different pair of earbuds as this is a symptom of a compatibility problem.

However, if you find that the connectivity problem persists between devices and you have validated that your volume is not turned down on the earbuds, you should check if your earbuds have a warranty as you will need to either have them repaired, or replaced.

You can reset your Bluetooth by following these steps


Go to your device’s Settings option and tap “General.” Then tap “Reset Network Settings” and reconnect your earbuds.


Go to your device’s Settings option and tap “Apps.” Then tap “Bluetooth”, select “Storage” and finally “Clear Cache” and reconnect your earbuds.

Your music or video files are broken

Some music or video files can be corrupted. This can cause the sound quality to drop, or cause the files not to play at all. If you get this message when trying to play your songs, try downloading them again from a different source such as a separate website, or a different device such as your computer.

The easiest way to prove this is the problem is to try playing the files from another device. If you have an iOS device, you can do this using AirPlay. If your device does not support AirPlay, then you can try connecting with a different wire. If the files play fine from this device, then there is a problem with the original device or the files themselves.

If you have access to a Windows PC, this tool can help you fix corrupted audio files quickly.

The sound cannot reach your ear canal (Small Ears)

This is a possibility if you have very small ears. If the earbuds are too large for your ears, the sound will not reach the ear canal. This will cause your experience to be very quiet, even if the volume is turned all the way up. Earlier this year, we took a look at the Best Earbuds for Small Ears to help those of you that are struggling with this problem, as modern earbuds exist that work perfectly for small ears.

Why are my earbuds so quiet

Damaged hearing

If nothing in our article has helped, then you may have damaged your hearing. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the most common kind of hearing loss. It occurs when noise damages the hair cells in your inner ear that help you hear.

The loudness or volume of sound is measured in decibels (dB)—the higher the dB, the louder the sound.

The hearing loss caused by noise exposure is usually gradual and not noticed until it is too late. It can happen to anyone who is frequently exposed to loud noise. Loud sounds, such as those from heavy machinery or concerts, can cause hearing damage even if you only attend one event. Some examples of sounds that can cause hearing loss are:

To avoid further damaging your hearing, you should avoid using earbuds instead of using headphones with lower volume. If you have impaired hearing, you should avoid loud noises. If you are exposed to loud noise, such as at a concert, wear earplugs or earmuffs. You can also help prevent NIHL by protecting your ears from loud noises.

You should never have your earbuds so loud that you cannot hear anything around you. You should always strive for the highest quality earbuds to ensure that bass is transmitted efficiently and at a safe and enjoyable volume if you have previously been exposed to loud noise.


If our tips have not managed to fix your problem, then you may need to take a look at our how to clean your earbuds article, as the problem could be earwax or dust.

Why are my earbuds so quiet? Hopefully they aren’t anymore!

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