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Prevent earbuds from breaking

How to prevent earbuds from breaking

Earbuds are a popular way to listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks. However, a significant drawback is that they are often effortless to break, leading to frustration and many earbuds being replaced, passing the cost onto you.

We have all been there – You try to listen to your favorite song, but your earbuds do not respond. It’s not that your earbuds are quiet – They do not make any sound at all. Let’s take a look at ways to prevent your earbuds from breaking, without spending a penny.

Let’s look through some common reasons for earbuds breaking and how to prevent it.

Pulling or tugging on the earbuds’ cords when disconnecting them.

If you do not use wireless earbuds, the most common mistake is pulling or tugging on the earbuds’ cords when disconnecting them. This can cause the wires inside the cord to break. If you are in a rush and have to disconnect fast, make sure you are holding your device when pulling or tugging on the cable. This will give it more support and keep it from breaking.

Whilst flexible, the wires connecting your earbuds are surprisingly strong, but fatigue will kick in overtime. It is recommended to not pull on the cables too hard because it could damage your earbuds and make them difficult to use. When disconnecting them, hold your device and remove the earbuds out of the socket.

Don’t worry if you occasionally pull them out by their wires, but make sure you don’t do it every day.

Wrapping them around your iPhone.

Another common mistake is wrapping the earbuds around your phone. Wire fatigue will come into effect on your earbuds. The wires can break, and it can even cut into the wire. This is dangerous because it could end up damaging your earbuds and make them difficult to use.

If you find that you need to wrap your wires, the devil horn wrap is recommended. The wires are wrapped around your phone, but the wire is not twisted.

This method will help prevent your earbuds from breaking, make your earbuds last longer and keep them more comfortable to use. If you have to wrap them, try to do it as little as possible, and when you do, make sure you are not twisting the wires.

Prevent earbuds from breaking

Storing them in a pocket/bag with other items.

An unfortunate way to break your earbuds is by storing them in a pocket/bag with other items. Storing them with other things can damage the wires inside the earbuds. The wires can easily snap and break if they are pulled too hard by the weight of different items in your pocket/bag.

If you need to store your earbuds in a pocket/bag, make sure they are not touching anything else. Make sure you have separated them from anything else that could interfere with the earbuds. This will prevent them from getting tangled up in other objects and breaking the wires. If you find that your wires are tangled up, you can try and untangle them slowly, so you do not snap the wires.

Prevent earbuds from breaking

Over-tightening the earbuds’ rubber tips.

We all want to have comfortable earbuds, but over-tightening the rubber tips can be very bad for your earbuds. Over-tightening the rubber tips can cause the rubber to snap, this could lead to the wires inside the earbuds breaking.

If you have to put them in your ears, make sure you do a few test runs with your new earbuds before you start using them every day. This will make sure that you get your earbuds fitted correctly. If you try and listen to music with over-tightened earbuds, they will be painful. It is best to take them out and start again with a fresh set of earbuds.

It is recommended to keep them loose enough so you can pinch them between your forefinger and thumb. This will make it easier for the earbuds to stay in your ears when listening to music. An excellent way to test that they are not too tight is to insert them into a glass of water. If they are not too tight, the water will not get into your earbuds.

Doing this will help keep your earbuds in good condition and make them last longer.

Be modest with volume

Earbud drivers are not made for high volumes, so if you listen to music at high volume, it can damage your earbuds and cause them to break. Using your earbuds at high volumes can damage the drivers in them. This could make your earbuds less responsive to sound and make them easier to break.

If you need to listen to music at a high volume, try using your earbuds’ passive noise canceling feature. This will help to cancel out extra noise, so you do not necessarily need to listen to music at very high volume.

As an added benefit, you will avoid noise-induced hearing loss by keeping the volume down.

Using them for different purposes.

Another thing you should know is that your earbuds are not suitable for all purposes. If you are listening to music, audiobooks, or watching videos, you will need earbuds with a lot of bass. When you are doing other things like making phone calls or using the mic on your earbuds, you will need earbuds with a lot of treble.

If you have an audiobook on and then make a phone call on your earbuds, it will be very uncomfortable for you and the person on the other side of the phone. They will not be able to hear what you are saying, and it can be very frustrating for you. This could lead to you breaking your earbuds.

Make sure that you are using them for the right purpose. If you need earbuds with a lot of bass, make sure you are getting the right ones.

Use the right earbuds for the right device.

The last thing you should know is that you need to use earbuds compatible with your device. You should not have to buy an extra set of earbuds just because you have a new device. Make sure that your earbuds work with your device before using them. If you need to, check the box to see if it has all the information about the earbuds and if it is compatible with your device.

Using them while playing a sport or intense activity.

When working out, your body will naturally sweat. Sweat is not only salty, but it also contains microscopic grime that will slowly eat away at the technical parts of your earbuds. A broken earbud can not only be annoying, but it can also ruin a workout session.

Prevent earbuds from breaking

Protecting your earbuds from water damage

A common way that you can prevent earbuds from breaking is by not using them during heavy rain. This is very important, especially when walking or jogging outside.

Wearing them while swimming is also a big no-no. Not only will your earbuds be destroyed by the chlorine, but it can also cause your ears and ear canal to get infected.

Make sure you have the right earbud size

While it may seem obvious, make sure that the earbuds you are using are the right size for your ears.

The main issue with earbuds is that they are often too small to fit on the ear properly. This is especially true when using Apple products, which often come with earbuds that are too small.

If you are not sure what size earbuds to purchase, we have taken a look at the Best Earbuds for Small Ears and the Best Earbuds for Bass. Both articles explain how comfortable the earbuds are and if they stay on during a workout or working out. This is an affordable way to ensure you have the right-sized earplugs for your ears.


In summary, if you store your earbuds carefully, avoid water and be careful with your volume, your earbuds will last much longer.

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