What Are Planar Magnetic Headphones?

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Do you know what planar magnetic headphones are? If you are not choosy with headphones, then maybe not. Planar magnetic headphones may be more popular with those who work in the audio industry.

If not, then audiophiles, for sure would know them. Because these audio enthusiasts are often hard to please when it comes to sound reproduction.

If you do love high quality sound and want to upgrade your listening equipment, then this article is for you. We talk about planar magnetic headphones and what these can do for improve your listening experience. So, read on for more information.

What Are Planar Magnetic Headphones?

Your usual headphones would have dynamic drivers for sound production. You probably know the term since it is in most labels. Electricity powers this type of driver. And it goes back and forth, thus, vibrating. A metal coil and magnet shift the driver as a result.

Planar magnetic headphones work differently. These have 2 magnets that move the sound-emitting driver. This feature alone makes them more powerful headphones compared with regular ones.

Well, you may have guess already then. It is generally pricy. With a more complicated design, these are more expensive to produce. The magnets (which create sound) are thin and flexible. These are sandwiched between an electrified mechanism.

The Pros and Cons of Planar Magnetic Headphones

  • ✓ These limit distortion levels and yield an excellent audio quality. You get clean and clear sound each time.
  • ✓ These work well with amplifiers. If you must use amplifiers for work of personal listening enjoyment, then this type of headphones is for you. You can boost power and audio signal levels with ease.
  • ✓ It gives a sustained and tight bass sounds, snares, and kick drum hits. Planar magnetic headphones capture these short-lived signals and fully delivers them to your listening ears. So, if music is your life, these headphones will make your life even better!
  • They are more expensive. So, they are probably not for the average headphone user.
  • These beauties can be heavy. And they are probably not the best set to carry on the go.
  • These require more delicate handling. So, they are best for more mature owners. This means, you will not want your little kid son or brother to use them.
  • There are limited choices. So, if you are all about fashion or uniqueness, planar magnetic headphone models do not offer much of a selection. It is mostly the traditional black or metal color and design schemes.

Examples of Planar Magnetic Headphones

You will find several companies dedicated to producing planar magnetic headphones for the consumer market. Here are 3 examples you can check out.

Audeze LCD3. These may be one of the top choices for audiophiles.

HiFiMan Sundara. These may be an affordable choice for gamers.

AE ON2  by Dan Clark audio. These are more compact in size. They may be a great choice for travelers and for those who must carry headphones everywhere for work or for no reason at all!

Final Thoughts

If you are after a more immersive listening experience, give planar magnetic headphones a try. These will increase your appreciation level for the art of music, video watching, and even gaming. Prices can be exorbitant. But you can save up for a few lower-priced brands.

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