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  • Sony HT-CT80 Soundbar Home Speaker
  • Weight: 10.19 pounds
  • 2 AA batteries required (included)
  • Connection: Wired
  • Colors: Black
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  • $349.29
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Sony is an eminent brand when it comes to producing high-quality soundbars, and the HT-CT80 is a prime example. It’s an entry-level soundbar that flaunts various improvements over previous models as well as remarkable customer appeal. It also looks a lot like the popular HT-CT180.

Being an entry-level unit, the HT-CT80 doesn’t offer a complete surround-sound experience, but it offers a much more immersive listening experience than what your TV’s built-in speakers have to offer. Not to mention that it’s very cost-effective. Read on to learn more about the HT-CT80.

Sony HT-CT80 Features

Before we give you our honest opinion about the Sony HT-CT80, we feel the need to give you a brief rundown of the unit’s features and improvements so that you’re aware of what it’s all about.

2.1 Channel System

The HT-CT80 soundbar consists of two speakers and a subwoofer for extra bass. The system is well-engineered to deliver you with harmonious audio responses throughout its entire frequency range. You’ll also feel immersed in every action sequence, thanks to the wired subwoofer.

Wireless Functionality

This Bluetooth-enabled soundbar enables you to stream your favorite audio from your phone or tablet without having to worry about cumbersome wire entanglement. Additionally, you have the ability to control everything about your audio from your device, from the playlists to the volume.

Slender Construction

The HT-CT80 is one mighty soundbar considering its 2-inch height. Despite its slim design, this soundbar does a fantastic job of providing a big sound that’s suited for big-screen TVs. Not only that, but this unit’s slender construction ensures that it doesn’t block your view whatsoever.

Sony’s HT-CT80 is designed to suit any room, thanks to its minimalist design. In addition, while most soundbars available on the market today are only designed to sit on TV stands, this great soundbar from Sony can also be mounted on the wall, which is convenient in some cases.

S-Master Digital Amplifier

Equipped with the S-Master digital amplifier, the HT-CT80 soundbar brilliantly reproduces audio signals without resorting to the numerous analog stages that your typical amplifier uses. In turn, you get a sound that’s driven by a ton of power as well as sonic clarity with very low distortion.

Conventional amplifiers that utilize multiple analog stages tend to suffer from heat build-up, and that’s the main reason why such units tend to have pretty notable distortion. The HT-CT80 does without these multiple analog stages as it utilizes an uncomplicated, full digital signal path.

ClearAudio+ Technology

ClearAudio+ is a new technology that helps adjust sound settings automatically, granting you an enriching and immersive listening experience. It basically optimizes different audio formats as a means of delivering crystalline-clear sound with negligible distortion. Quite an innovation!

Virtual Surround Sound

The two speakers and wired subwoofer that the HT-CT80 is comprised of are capable of filling a moderately sized room with virtual surround sound, ensuring an immersive listening experience. It brilliantly creates an authentic three-dimensional sound field with just two speaker channels.

NFC One-Touch Connectivity

Equipped with Near Field Communication technology, Sony’s HT-CT80 eliminates the hassle of complex set-up sequences. Simply make contact between the soundbar’s on-body N-mark and your NFC-enabled device to enjoy a seamless connection. Now you’re ready to stream content!

Multiple Inputs/Connections

The HT-CT80 can link up to a DVD, TV, or Blu-ray Disc player with the aid of an optical cable. It can also be connected to a wide range of music players using analog input. In addition, it allows you to connect a USB stick for USB Playback. It pretty much flaunts a connection for anything.

Sony HT-CT80 Soundbar...
  • Elevate your TV-viewing experience with a Sound Bar that delivers...
  • Featuring a slim design, the CT80 can be easily wall mounted or...
  • Elevate your TV-viewing experience with a Sound Bar that delivers...
  • Power Output (Total): 80W

Sony HT-CT80 Review

Considering its cost-effective price tag, the Sony HT-CT80 offers a great deal of value. Granted, it might not boast the most impressive sound reproduction, but as far as sound quality, it’ll surely blow you away. Most soundbars in its price range offer both average reproduction and quality.

When it comes to mids and higher frequencies, the HT-CT80 does an excellent job of delivering perfect balance and reproduction, enhancing your movie-watching experience. When comparing the HT-CT80 with other units within its price range, its virtual surround sound grants it the edge.

In fact, the HT-CT80’s virtual surround sound technology is enough for most people to make the investment, and enough to disregard the fact that this bar’s sound reproduction is quite average. The HT-CT80 is designed to reveal your media’s maximum potential at a budget-friendly price.

We also feel the need to shed light on HT-CT80’s S-Master digital amplifier, as it helps provide a considerable deal of clarity for high-quality playback. Another integral part of the HT-CT80 is the wired subwoofer, which does an excellent job of balancing the sound with sufficient bass quality.

The new ClearAudio+ technology also helps with numerous situations where you may not know how to adjust the sound in such a way that ensures an optimal listening experience. We’re quite fond of this unit’s NFC One-Touch connectivity, as it simplifies device pairing significantly.

Final Verdict

As you can probably tell from our review, we’re quite fond of the Sony HT-CT80. It’s super easy to set up and connect, flaunts hassle-free Bluetooth connectivity, and provides incredible sound quality for its cost. Sound reproduction is a bit average, but it’s made up for with other features.

If you’re looking for a perfect all-rounder, we wouldn’t really recommend Sony’s HT-CT80, as it’s lacking when it comes to sound reproduction. But you want to keep in mind that units with super reproduction tend to be cost-prohibitive, so make sure you have the budget for such a unit.

However, if you’re in search of a cost-effective model that strikes an admirable balance between functionality and sound quality, it doesn’t get any better than the Sony HT-CT80 at its price point of under $200. You’ll be in awe of how extraordinary its virtual surround sound technology is.

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