Klipsch R-51M Review: Are They Worth Your Money?

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In the world of bookshelf speakers, things aren’t always convenient. There are a lot of over-priced products that produce the most horrible sound you can hear.

No worries, though. Today, I’ll review one of the best speakers currently on the market. In the Klipsch R-51M review, we’ll get to see how they easily excel over the others.

Klipsch R-51M Review: Quick Specs

Before we begin our review, let’s take a quick look at the technical specs, pros, and cons. After this section, you can establish a quick decision about these speakers based on whether they satisfy your needs.

Technical Specs

  • Frequency response: 62 – 21,000 Hz (±3dB)
  • ✓ Impedance: 8 ohms
  • ✓ Sensitivity: 93 dB
  • ✓ Power handling: 85 – 340 W
  • ✓ Amplifier: none (passive speakers)
  • ✓ Tweeter: 1″ LTS aluminum diaphragm compression tweeters
  • ✓ Woofer: 5.25″ spun-copper IMG woofers
  • ✓ Grilles: removable with a cheesecloth texture
  • ✓ Finish: durable MDF with vinyl finish
  • ✓ Dimensions: 13.3″ x 7″ x 8.5″
  • ✓ Weight: 11 lbs per each speaker

Pros / Cons

  • ✓ Vintage design
  • ✓ Durable construction that’s thick enough to dampen vibrations
  • ✓ They produce excellent mids and highs
  • ✓ Equipped with a rear air-flow port for more powerful bass
  • ✓ They have higher sensitivity
  • ✓ Klipsch produces a powered version with the same attributes
  • They need a standalone amplifier
  • Limited bass range

General Features of the Klipsch R-51M

In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the basic features offered by the Klipsch R-51M.

They’re Passive Speakers

The most important thing you need to know about the Klipsch R-51M is that they’re passive speakers . In other words, they don’t have a built-in amplifier. In even simpler words, you can’t use them to directly listen to your phone, pc, turntable, or pretty much any other sound device.

To be frank, this can’t be considered a disadvantage. In fact, some audiophiles specifically opt for this type so that they can fine-tune the audio settings with a standalone amplifier. Also, powered speakers won’t be suitable for such people since they can’t be upgraded without ditching the whole speakers.

However, if you don’t like messing with wires and devices, you might want to consider other speakers. Their setup can get really chaotic if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Klipsch R-51PM, the Powered Version

If you decided to consider powered speakers, you don’t have to go searching through the endlessly available speakers. Klipsch R-51PM is the doppelgänger of the R-51M, except that it has a built-in amplifier. And I must say, I’m super satisfied with this fact. It offers the best versatility for the biggest number of customers.

Better yet, this version comes with Bluetooth connectivity. This way, you can directly connect them to your phone without using any wires. Similarly, they can be remotely controlled from the comfort of your chair by using the attached controller.

They Have a Rear Air-Flow Port

Over the back of these speakers, Klipsch added a large air-flow port. This way, air can flow out more efficiently, which would enhance the thumping bass effect.

But it’s worth noting that these speakers aren’t capable of producing the biggest range of lows. Since they can’t go lower than 62 Hz, you might miss some of the instruments and maybe even some vocals.

Nevertheless, you can always opt for a subwoofer to compensate for the missing frequencies. Lucky for you, Klipsch produces a subwoofer that carries the same iconic design as the R-51M.

Klipsch R-51M Review

What’s Unique About the Klipsch R-51M?

After we reviewed the basic attributes of the Klipsch R-51M, we can take a step further to see more unique features that set them apart from their competitors.

The Astoundingly Beautiful Vintage Design

If you’ve been into the hi-fi world for a while, you must’ve heard about Klipsch . As you might already know, they’ve been producing speakers since 1946. That’s why many of their products carry that amazing design nostalgia that’s rare to find elsewhere.

The main bodies of these speakers are made of grey reinforced MDF. Not only does it look stunning, but it’s also thick enough to dampen some of the random vibrations.

Over the front, the large copper woofers add an awesome, premium touch. They fit just well with the matte grey finish. The copper fasteners dispersed all over the speakers intensify this effect even more.

Surely, these speakers come with black removable grilles in case you want to keep things minimal.

They Have High Sensitivity

Before we get to detailing this point, let’s briefly explain the concept of sensitivity .

Simply, sensitivity denotes the amount of sound that speakers can produce for each watt of power when the listener is positioned 1 meter away from the speakers.

Let’s break it down even more. Let’s say you have 2 speakers, one with an 84 dB sensitivity, while the other is rated at 90 dB. If you hooked them to the same amplifier, the latter would sound louder with about 6 dB for the single watt! As you increase the power, the difference will become even clearer.

So, back to the Klipsch. These beasts have a sensitivity of 93 dB. This is clearly a huge value, especially when you consider their compact size. As a result, these speakers can be used to cover a wide space without worrying about distortions and whatnot.

They Provide Amazingly Accurate Highs

The 1-inch aluminum tweeters featured in these speakers are capable of producing soaring highs up to 21 kHz.

Some people might argue that many speakers can go much higher. And to be honest, this is true. However, it’s not always about quantity. Quality is sometimes more important. And that’s where Klipsch excels.

Around the tweeters, Klipsch put their patented horns, the Tractrix . Since these horns are designed with a 90-degree angle, they can aim the sound directly to your ears without bouncing too much on the walls.

This way, you can enjoy the purest and most accurate tones without those annoying distortions.

Klipsch R-51M Review – The Final Word

  • Powered monitor
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Phono/line analog (with switch and ground screw terminal)
  • 3.5 millimeter analog Mini jack
  • USB digital

So, after the Klipsch R-51M review? Do I think they’re worth your money? That’s an easy yes!

Their higher cost is reasonable since they offer a bunch of unique technologies. The Tractrix horns, for instance, deliver the best highs in terms of purity and clarity.

The most notable disadvantage lies in their deficient lows. But like I said, pair them with a subwoofer and won’t notice the difference.

Lastly, if you don’t want to bother with the complicated setup of passive speakers, you can opt for the powered counterpart of these speakers.

I hope this Klipsch R-51M Review answered your questions. See you in another one soon!

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