Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

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  • Jabra Speak 510 UC Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone – Outstanding Sound Quality, Portable...
  • Fit type: Portable
  • Connection: Wireless
  • Colors: Black
  • Excellent sound quality and suitable for business conferences
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Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Jabra speak 510 is a portable wireless speaker which can be used with Bluetooth enabled devices and also allows for the use of a 3.5mm audio jack which can be used with non-Bluetooth devices. The device comes with a built-in microphone, which allows for hands-free calls.

Build quality

Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

The speaker is of good quality feel and has a rubberized coating. It feels robust and sturdy. It feels solid when holding it, and looks good in the hand. It feels well put together, and there is no rattling or creaking when moving it around.

The device is made from a hard plastic which feels very robust and sturdy. The device has controls on the top of the device, which include volume control, pairing button and power button. One nice feature of the device is that you can use a 3.5mm cable to connect devices which do not have Bluetooth enabled. This is a handy feature as it will allow you to connect other devices such as your Smart TV.

  • ✓ Fit type: Portable
  • ✓ Connection: Wireless
  • ✓ Colors: Black
  • ✓ Excellent sound quality and suitable for business conferences


As the name would suggest, the device is shaped roughly like a cylinder. On one end, there is a speaker grill for the sound to come out of, on the other end, there are two buttons for controlling volume, play/pause and answering calls. The back features a switch to turn off the LED lights on the front, as well as a button to turn on Bluetooth pairing mode.

The top of the device features an on/off switch, and on the bottom, there is a small rubber foot that prevents it from sliding around when placed on smooth surfaces like a desk. On one side there is an input jack for plugging in the included audio cable, which allows you to connect non-Bluetooth devices to it. Overall I find it to be well designed with all of the buttons being in easy reach and well placed.

How do they sound?

I found that overall they sound excellent although they lack some bass when compared to other similar-sized speakers such as those found in smartphones. The sound is clear and crisp without any crackling or hissing from distortion.

When used at high volumes, I did not find any distortion or popping sounds from the speakers.

When used at low volumes close up, it has enough bass to make music sound good but does not have any real deep bass notes.

The speakers do not have a lot of room-filling sounds so if you want something that is going to fill most rooms or be heard in larger rooms without being too loud this may not be ideal for you.

If you want something that will fill even a large meeting room, then you may want something bigger and more potent than these speakers. These are fine for small spaces like meeting rooms where you want to hear your voice loud enough to talk over others who are also speaking at normal levels rather than be able to hear someone talking from across a large conference hall sized room clearly without raising your voice.

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What could be improved?

The volume buttons on the side could be a bit larger and more comfortable to press as they are relatively small, so it could be easy to miss when trying to turn the speaker up or down. The buttons are also a bit close together, so it is easy to press the wrong one when trying to adjust the volume.

The standby button on the bottom of the speaker is a little too well hidden, I’ve found that if you place it on a table or shelf like many people would there is an almost 50% chance that it is going to be on standby and not turned off.

The buttons could also have a better tactile feel as they can be hard to find without looking at them and even harder to press when you do find them especially if you have other things in your hand.

Is it suitable for business conferences?

I think it would make a good speaker for business conferences or meetings as it allows you to answer calls without having to hold a phone up to your ear but instead hold the speaker up to your ear and speak into it, allowing you to keep both of your hands-free.

However, if you use your phone typically for conference calls, then this may not be necessary as most phones have this feature built-in now anyway.

The volume buttons are also useful for adjusting the volume on the fly so that everyone can hear clearly without having to ask everyone else in the room if their volumes need adjusting.

The microphone is clear enough that people speaking will sound clear on the other end of the call, which can help with clarity of communication. However, I still recommend using a desk mounted, or lap mounted microphone for conference calls if possible as this will provide a better quality audio signal than using the speakers built-in microphone.

What’s in the box?

Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

When buying these speakers, they come with:

  • ✓ An AC adapter
  • ✓ A 3.5mm audio cable which can be used with non-Bluetooth devices
  • ✓ An audio cable which plugs into the speaker and allows you to connect non-Bluetooth devices via Bluetooth
  • ✓ An audio cable which plugs into the speaker and allows you to connect Bluetooth enabled devices via Bluetooth or regular 3.5mm audio jacks
  • ✓ A carry bag for traveling or storage purposes
  • ✓ An instruction manual.

Should I buy them?

I would recommend these speakers to people who want a portable and easy to carry around a wireless speaker that can be used at home or on the go with Bluetooth enabled devices.

If you want a portable speaker that you can use for business conference calls to answer calls and speak into them rather than holding a phone up to your ear, then this is a right choice as well.

If you are looking for a speaker for movies and music, then these are probably not the best choice as they lack some bass for this purpose and will not be able to fill larger rooms with sound, although they are sufficient for small meeting rooms or similar sized rooms like bedrooms.

The Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is suitable for those who are tired of carrying around big bulky speakers.

Its small size and light weight make it perfect for travel, and it produces excellent sound. The speaker comes with a built-in microphone for hands-free calls, and it can also be used to listen to music from your phone or other Bluetooth devices.

The battery life is good, and it can last up to 6 hours. It comes with a nice rubberized texture which is good for durability.

The Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is great for business conferences as its small size allows it to be easily carried around and its light weight means that it will not add any extra weight during travel.

We hope our Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review was helpful to you, if you are looking for something better for music and home life, consider the Onyx Studio 6.

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