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The final entry is from Yamaha, which has also thrown its hat into the creation of numerous electronics for various audio applications. When you opt for a battery-powered guitar amp, there is usually a level of functionality that you expect. Naturally, a full-sized unit that you may use for your private recording or practice sessions can pack quite a wallop when compared to those that must rely on nothing but battery power.

The Yamaha THR5 was designed to be the difference in this equation. This is because it aims to offer the same kind of functionality that is synonymous with these full-sized devices. Of course, it brings all this to you in a portable amp that is conducive to your traveling needs. 

Unlike many other amps that boast multi-channel capabilities, this unit is a single channel one. However, you can get the effect of modern, clean, crunch, lead, and Brit-Hi models from it. This is all offered through emulation, as opposed to native design. 

The Yamaha THR5 ships with a pair of speakers, and it is a 10W amp. There are basic controls included for master, tone, and gain. Additionally, there is a slew of effects, such as tremolo, phaser, flanger, and chorus. 

Delay, delay/reverb, spring reverb, and hall reverb modes of delay are also included. Based on all this, you can tell the sheer level of features that are packed into this portable unit. This means that you can use it for practice, recording, and street performances. 

  • ✓ The sound quality is clear and free of distortion
  • ✓ Onboard effects allow you to take your sounds to the next level 
  • ✓ The feature set is on par with that of full-sized models
  • ✓ There is a digital tuner included
  • ✓ Though the amp is a single channel one, it can emulate multiple models 
  • Thanks to the power of the device and the inclusion of the two speakers, the battery life is relatively short

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