What is the Best Headset for under $50?

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Best All Round

  • RUNMUS Gaming Headset Xbox One Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound Stereo, PS4 Headset with Noise...
  • Don’t hear what’s going on around you
  • Surround-sound features
  • High quality
  • Excellent sound
  • $19.99
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Best Microphone

416FKdpJhML. SL75

  • Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset: 7.1 Surround Sound - Lightweight Aluminum Frame - Bendable...
  • Very lightweight
  • Decent flexibility
  • High-quality microphone
  • Cancels out background noise
  • The cord doesn’t curl or tangle
  • $49.49
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Best Sound Quality


  • No products found.
  • Low-cost investment
  • Good sound quality
  • Over-ear design (blocks noise)
  • Lightweight
  • Microphone moves out of the way when not needed
  • No products found.
  • No products found.
No products found.

Best Noise Cancellation

41sFQT0I4aL. SL75

  • NUBWO Gaming headsets PS4 N7 Stereo Xbox one Headset Wired PC Gaming Headphones with Noise Canceling...
  • Twistable and extendable
  • Automatically adjusts to your head
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • $16.99
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Best Bluetooth

41MkykrnB8L. SL75

  • ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth Headset, Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece V5.0 Hands-Free Earphones with Built-in Mic...
  • Clear, natural sounds
  • Mute capabilities easy to use
  • Light beep sound indicates mute is on
  • Carrying case included
  • $39.99
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We set out to find out what the Best Headset for under $50 is, whether you want to use it for playing games, talking over Skype, or you have found yourself working from home. How do you pick the right headset with thousands of options available to you?

Regardless of your reasons for wanting one, you don’t want to spend too much money. Most people agree that you can find an excellent headset for under $50. Therefore, we are focusing on five of the best headsets that cost less than that amount. Some of them are right close to the price, while others are less expensive. Still, you’ve got many options available, which can help you make the right choice for your budget and needs.

What is the Best Headset for under $50?

RUNMUS Stereo Gaming Headset

  • 50MM DRIVER DELIVERS SURROUND SOUND. Whether you're immersed in...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN & PREMIUM MATERIAL. Gamers usually play games...
  • MULTIPLE PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY. This gaming headset with a 3.5mm...
  • NOISE CANCELING MICROPHONE. This PS5 headset provides high-end...
  • 24-HOUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Every RUNMUS customers' using...

When it comes to something that looks high-tech and can be used for many applications, the headset from RUNMUS is ideal. It is designed for comfort with cushion along with the band, where it sits on the head. You’ve also got cushioning around the ears so that you can wear it for extended periods. It utilizes bionic protein covers for the ears and memory foam.

However, the flexible plastic is lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh down the head as you wear it for long periods.

Of course, the headset is designed for gaming, so it works on a variety of systems, as well as Mac and Windows OS, smart devices, and much more. Therefore, whether you want it for gaming or work purposes, you’ve got something that is going to do what you require.

The microphone is high-end and offers anti-static and noise-canceling functions. There are no delays with the real-time talk function. Talk to the other players with clarity or make sure your client heard the information you just provided.

Though appearances aren’t everything, this does come with LED lights on both sides, which makes a significant effect. With so many features and options, you probably wonder about the cost. This headset from RUNMUS is only $40.95 and does so much.

The RUNMUS Stereo Gaming Headset is our top pick for the Best Headset under $50.

  • ✓ Don’t hear what’s going on around you
  • ✓ Surround-sound features
  • ✓ High quality
  • ✓ Excellent sound
  • Not a USB headset
  • Quieter sounds; may need to turn up volume more than normal
  • Doesn’t cancel out all extra microphone noise

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

  • Immersive, 7.1 Surround Sound for Positional Audio: Outfitted...
  • Designed for All-Day Comfort: The lightest Kraken headset ever at...
  • Bendable Noise Cancelling Microphone: A cardioid mic reduces...
  • In-Headset Audio Controls: Includes an analog volume control...
  • Durable Construction: The Kraken X frame is flexible and built to...

If you’re looking for something streamlined, the Razer brand of gaming headset might come in handy. It’s highly comfortable to wear for extended periods. You’ve got memory foam, plush cushions along with the head and ears. However, it doesn’t feel excessively heavy, and it only weighs 250 grams. Therefore, it is about 40 percent lighter than its competition.

You’ve also got 7.1 surround sound, which allows for more accurate and positional audio. Use it in any environment. Are you in a fierce war on your game, or are you trying to speak to a client in a busy office? Regardless, you can hear everything that is going on.

The microphone uses cardioid pickup patterns to record sound from tight angles. Plus, you can bend the mic closer to your mouth or farther away, depending on your needs and preferences. This microphone makes sure that you are heard while noises from the back and sides of the device are rejected and removed.

It comes with a 3.5mm connection, which is standard for most headsets. Having a standard connection port means you can use it on your mobile device, as well as PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and other gaming consoles. Keep in mind that your computer or laptop must have an audio jack, as there is no USB connection. Plus, it’s just $49.99, so it slides into this review at the high end of the spectrum.

  • ✓ Very lightweight
  • ✓ Decent flexibility
  • ✓ High-quality microphone
  • ✓ Cancels out background noise
  • ✓ The cord doesn’t curl or tangle
  • Little base
  • Sound quality isn’t the best
  • Some static sounds present at times

Logitech USB Headset

No products found.

Those who are looking for a low-cost investment are sure to like the Logitech brand. Its headset features padded earpads and headband. Plus, it isn’t overly excessive and large as some of the gaming headsets on the market. It isn’t for gaming and is primarily designed for use in home offices and telecommunication buildings.

The microphone rotates up and down to help reduce the noise the other person hears, though it is also noise-canceling, so you can expect that the other speaker isn’t going to listen to a lot of what happens.

To mute or raise/lower the volume, you use the controls located about halfway down the device’s cord. It’s unobtrusive, so you can easily change the settings while you’re on a call.

This product is designed to work with Windows systems, including 7, Vista, 10, and 8. It also works on Mac OSX. If you’re looking for a USB connection, this one is ideal. It is compatible with the 1.1 and 2.0 versions.

Though it is primarily used as a way to make internet calls or work from home, it also allows you to play games and music. The laser-tuned drivers make the sounds more enhanced and digitalized. For $29.43, you can’t beat its quality.

  • ✓ Low-cost investment
  • ✓ Good sound quality
  • ✓ Over-ear design (blocks noise)
  • ✓ Lightweight
  • ✓ Microphone moves out of the way when not needed
  • Can break easily (made of plastic)
  • Cord easily tangles
  • Easy to press the mute button by accident

NUBWO Gaming Headset

  • lmmersive Gaming Audio. Dual 50mm speaker drivers are engineered...
  • Noise-canceling Mic. The flexible omnidirectional microphone...
  • Convenience to Use: The in-line Audio control makes it possible...
  • Built for comfort. Soft leatherette ear cups and ergonomically...
  • Versatile Compatibility. Designed for everywhere you game,...

When it comes to exciting new features, NUBWO has you covered. Its gaming headset is unlike any other, and the price isn’t that steep, either. You’ve got ultra-durability with this one. Twist the headset a full turn, and it is still going to come back and work properly. Plus, you can extend it out without breaking it.

Of course, the auto-adjust feature is something that everyone is going to like. If you share headsets, this is essential. You’ve never got to worry about it being too big or small. Hold the earphones and open them, then place them around the ears. Everything is automatically adjusted to meet your needs.

That’s not all you’re going to like. With the immersive audio, you have more detailed and balanced soundscapes. Plus, there is little distortion so that you can play movies, music, games, and more.

With the noise-canceling microphone, the user’s voice is captured, but the background noise is muted. Plus, it is omnidirectional and can move in any direction. That flexibility ensures that it doesn’t get snapped off if you hold it away from your face.

There are also inline audio controls. Therefore, you can mute or adjust the volume on the microphone without needing to go to settings on your device.

You’ve also got ear cups with a leatherette cover. They’re padded and ergonomically correct so that you can use them for many hours without ear fatigue. Plus, they’re only $32.99!

  • ✓ Twistable and extendable
  • ✓ Automatically adjusts to your head
  • ✓ Noise-canceling microphone
  • Mute feature on the end of the microphone
  • Wheel-style volume adjustments
  • Bass echoes

ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth Headset

  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology - Provides fast and stable pairing with...
  • Clear Sound- built-in HD microphone with advanced CVC6.0 offers...
  • Hands-free for calling - This Bluetooth headset With mic Supports...
  • Comfortable & convenient - designed to fit either ear, The...
  • Great battery life- With up to 8-10 hours of continuous calls and...

You might be surprised to see a Bluetooth Headset appear in our list of the Best Headsets for under $50, but we think it stands out enough to be on this list.

Those who prefer a wireless version might like the ICOMTOFIT brand of Bluetooth headset. It is designed to go over one ear. It’s quite comfortable and convenient. Plus, it includes a retractable ear hook and the arm swivels to create a secure fit. You’re going to find that it is lightweight, allowing you to use it for hours if needed.

With it comes three ear gels, which are designed for your comfort. If you have a bigger ear canal opening, you can go with the larger size. Therefore, it’s secure and snug.

The built-in microphone features noise-reduction technology and can block out background noises, such as crowds or wind. However, the sound the other person hears is clear and natural.

If you regularly talk on the phone while driving, this is the headset for you. It uses your Bluetooth technology so that you can call others without taking your hands off the wheel. Plus, it supports Google and Siri voice assistant. With just a quick touch of the button, you can mute the product, as well.

Use it with smartphones, laptops, and MP3 players. It’s also got a handy and practical carrying case to keep the headset from getting damaged. If that weren’t enough, you get all this for $39.99.

  • ✓ Clear, natural sounds
  • ✓ Mute capabilities easy to use
  • ✓ Light beep sound indicates mute is on
  • ✓ Carrying case included
  • Hard to tell battery life
  • Connection delays possible
  • Quite large
Best Headset for under $50


We’ve taken a look at our picks for the Best Headset under $50, but when it comes to choosing the right headset, you can see there are many products out there. Most people have a preferred option or brand, such as an over-the-ear headset or one for gaming. We believe that gaming versions work well for almost any situation.

The only caveat here is that your computer/laptop needs an audio jack, and many newer ones do not. Otherwise, you can’t use it for work-related purposes in your home office or at work. Because of this, we feel that the Logitech USB Headset is the best option for work purposes, and the Razer Kraken Gaming Headset is ideal for gamers.

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