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Swimming is one of the most enjoyable sports that someone can enjoy. While not everyone can become Michael Phelps, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have some fun in the water. Traditionally, swimmers were limited in terms of the kind of equipment that they could take with them into the pool. 

This is because electronics and water didn’t always mix very well. In the past, makers of these electronics were concerned with ensuring that they work. No one gave a second thought to the fact that people may want to use these things in the water. Of course, things are much different today, as cameras, cell phones, etc., are all being taken to the water. 

With all this in mind, it was just a matter of time before headphones were thrown into the fray. If you can record video, take pictures, and do just about anything that a phone can do while submerged, what’s wrong with enjoying your favorite audio while you’re down there?

That is what this article is about. If you’ve ever considered the kind of headphones that you need when you’re going for a swim, then you can try one of the three entries below. A good headphone for the water is one that can maintain high-quality audio and one that can handle submersion well.

AGPTEK SE01 Review

AGPTEK SE01 Review

The first earphone on the list is one that is highly sought after by persons who are looking for a great value at a great price. The comfort factor when using them is incredibly high, as it never feels like the unit is getting in the way of your activities. Additionally, if you are swimming with a swim cap, the chances are that many of the earphone options on the market can feel very awkward as you try to slot them in under the said cap. There’s no need to worry about that with this offering from AGPTEK, as it fits under just about any swim cap comfortably and conveniently. 

  • ✓ Three convenient earbud sizes to choose from, which ensures maximum comfort
  • ✓ Cable is naturally or artificially long enough for your needs, thanks to the included extension cord
  • ✓ Sound quality is amazing
  • ✓ Price is very affordable
  • ✓ FCC/ROHS/CEE certified
  • Customer service isn’t the best at addressing potential issues
  • Initially, attaching the earbuds can be finicky

Earbuds can be awkward and difficult for some people to use because they consistently slip out of the ears. These buds are designed a bit differently from the standard style, which is the reason that they stay securely in place as you enjoy your swimming. Additionally, you can select small, medium, or large earbuds sizes to maximize your comfort factor. Now, you may be wondering how the cable works, since a short cord can quickly become a nightmare in the water. This earphone cable is designed to be long enough to extend to your waist area, regardless of how tall you are. This means that your audio device can be placed in your pocket or clipped to your waist as you swim. Note that if the cable is not long enough for you, the unit is shipped with an extension cable to help you out. 

The build quality of the water facing components is sturdy, which prevents submersion from affecting the internal electronics. This is the reason that these earphones make for a top-tier option for those who are doing sports, such as swimming and surfing. The AGPTEK SE01 is built to the IPX8 waterproof standard, thanks to the nano-coating. 

Note, however, that as is the case with most waterproof technology, it cannot remain submerged indefinitely. The unit allows you to go up to 1.5 meters deep for as long as a half-hour. Of course, the chances are that you don’t plan to remain underwater for that long, so it should pose no problem for you. 

You are afforded a clear and crisp sound quality, and thanks to advanced noise isolation technology, this superior performance is easily noticeable. Just about any device with a 3.5 mm jack is compatible with these earphones. 

Swimbuds Black Waterproof Headphones Review

Swimbuds Black Waterproof Headphones Review

Most waterproof earphones on the market are not specifically designed for swimming. Instead, standard earphones are made with special material and coating, which allows them to be submersible. However, Swimbuds is a company that is known for making these earphones specifically for swimming. Furthermore, they were designed with athletes in mind, which means that they can stand up well to both casual and athletic workloads. 

  • ✓ Many required accessories are shipped with the product
  • ✓ FitGoo helps to ensure that there is not earbud slipping
  • ✓ Top-notch build quality
  • ✓ Lasts longer than many other options
  • Cords may break near the earplugs

While it’s always great to have a long enough cable, many earphone manufacturers make their devices with a cable that is way too long. When you are on land and walking about, a long cable really isn’t much of a problem to tuck away. Underwater, however, when the resistance level is much different, a cable that is too long quickly becomes a chore to deal with. 

You can’t exactly tuck it away in your swimming trunks or swimsuit, as the combination of the water and the cable against your skin can become very uncomfortable. Additionally, it’s very likely that the cable would slip out. Therefore, your only option would be to tuck it into your swim cap, which is also not the best feeling. Thankfully, Swimbuds designed these earphones with a cable that is short enough to prevent this, but long enough to reach your audio device. Note that an extension cord is included if you require it. 

Of course, the Swimbuds headphones are built to the IPX8 waterproof standard, which is a testament to the ability to handle submersion. There are three earbud sizes included, plus a half-ounce tube of FitGoo. FitGoo is Swimbuds’ earbud lubricant, which allows for a water-tight seal, which ensures that the earbuds remain in place. FitGoo is to be applied to the earbud edges prior to each use. Though the design of the buds is conducive to your swimming needs, you can get the traditional feel if you desire, since typical round buds are also included. 

The earphones are built on HydroBeat second-generation technology, which means that you get a level of sound quality that is simply out of this world. 

HydroActive Short-Cord Swimming Headphones Review

HydroActive Short-Cord Swimming Headphones Review

As you can probably tell from the name, this offering from HydroActive is yet another set of headphones that are specifically designed for swimming. Headphone makers need to cater for the variety of people who are likely to purchase their products. This means allowing for customization where possible, to ensure that everyone gets a desired level of comfort. These headphones are shipped with 11 different tips, which means that you can find a comfortable fit, no matter what your ear shape may be. 

  • ✓ Double chamber design helps to ensure that internal components never get wet
  • ✓ Numerous tips included to allow for a comfortable fit
  • ✓ Wraparound design ensures that headphones are securely affixed
  • ✓ Able to stand up to both casual and athletic needs
  • ✓ Submersion time is infinite for up to three meters of depth
  • The price is on the higher side of the spectrum
  • The plastic used can amplify the sound of water as you swim

The wraparound design of the unit not only helps things to remain comfortable for you, but it also creates a very secure fit. Of course, having your headphones fall off in the water is a much more significant challenge than having this happen on land. Therefore, your headphones must remain in place throughout your entire swim.

Swimming is not the only thing that these are good for. Canoeing, aqua-aerobics, kayaking, SUP, and a variety of other aquatic activities, benefit from your using these headphones. There are multiple protection chambers, which ensures that internal components are kept protected, so that your headphones last for a long time. The external chamber acts as the first line of defense, and it is like the outside area of almost any other waterproof headphone. In the rare case that water manages to get through it, there is a second chamber inside, which keeps water away from the electronics. This is the reason that the sound quality manages to stay near perfect throughout the headphone’s lifetime. HydroActive is so confident in these IPX8 headphones that every purchase is backed by a full one-year warranty. 


Headphones and swimming were not always two things that went together well. However, technology has come a long way, and many devices that used to get wrecked by water can now be submerged without fear. Headphones now fall under this category, and this is the reason that you may be looking to get your hands on an excellent pair for swimming.

When jumping into the water, the most important things to consider are durability and sound quality. Your earphone must be able to handle submersion without its components, such as its charging port, being destroyed. Additionally, you need to be able to enjoy your audio with all the integrity present.

If you want to have all of this in a single package, then one of the three earphones that were reviewed on this list is highly recommended. These earphones can maintain satisfactory quality, and the durability factor that you need is present.